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Mykelle Walton is an aerial circus artist based in Boise, Idaho. She is known for pushing the boundaries of what the human body can do and combining it with the strength, grace, and artistry of a contemporary style aerialist. She's been highlighted for her aerial acrobatics around the world with AIDA Cruises and at shows like Moisture Festival, Small Matters, and TEDxBoise.


She is also the current champion at the Reno Aerial Festival. She founded the Boise Circus Guild with the goal to support circus arts in Idaho and proliferate delight at every opportunity. In her free time, she also serves as a technical director with Spotlight Dance Cup. 

She was an Alexa Rose grantee in 2019, and received funding to attend the Montreal Completement Cirque in Canada.

"I am an artist athlete who uses her body to signify ideas and movements to push them forward.

I use hanging from my toes to denote tension, and spinning upside-down on a steel hoop to

tell about time.

I'm a critical thinker with an

extreme dedication to hanging on things with pointed toes.”

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