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Jessica Harned is a classically trained violinist and member of the Boise Philharmonic. From her musical beginnings at the age of 6, to being awarded a Graduate String Quartet fellowship at Boise State in 2018 to ultimately earn her Masters in Violin Performance; Jessica shows that perseverance and passion are everything.


She is a proud member of Mariachi Sol de Acapulco, (winners of the 2018 Governor’s Award for Musical Excellence), and prides herself on her multi-faceted approach to music. She performs, records and collaborates with local composers and filmmakers whenever possible. This dynamic approach has helped her become the musician she is today, and she looks forward to seeing what the future holds.

In 2019 Jessica was awarded funds for lessons and travel, to extend her experience as a solo violinist. 

"I hope that my career can focus on altering

the role of women and the person of color within classical music;

work that is rare."

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