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Chad Ethan Shohet is an actor, writer and puppeteer as well as the Artistic Director of HomeGrown Theatre. He is a fan of poking the proverbial bear, of chasing the impossible, the stupid, and the impossibly stupid with hopes of reaching greater communication and understanding. Mostly, he is a dreamer who has terrible nightmares. He is a two-time grantee, whose Alexa Rose funding has gone directly to cultivating the style and craft of his shadow puppetry.


Written plays include: Ragnarok!!, Camp Ghoul, Every Man Shift For All the Rest, and The Jabberwocky (with Dakotah Brown and Noah Moody). Puppet plays include: The Man of Felt Flesh, an Accident; the Harvest, The Infinitarium of Everything and the Fallacy of Limitlessness, Beyond the Farm, A Bedtime Story, The Woodwitches, The Big Rip, Special, For Old Times, For Old Times, Floating Thru Space, and Alligator.

In 2018 Chad was awarded funding towards tuition and travel to the national puppetry conference, and again in 2019 for development of a new theatrical puppetry piece titled “Oppy”, which premiered at the 8th Annual Horrific Puppet Affair in October 2019. 

"I want to create something beautiful,

something that is felt in our hearts and fills the audience

with empathy and new breath.”

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