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Some artistic projects are so promising, so extraordinary they must be shared with a national audience.  

You're an active creator in our artistic community, with success sharing your work locally and/or regionally. You demonstrate a trajectory of artistic growth, and you now possess the industry contacts and savoir-faire to share your work with a national audience. We encourage you to apply and tell your story of:

  1. Creative excellence, as evidenced in work samples and/or critical reviews.

  2. Fluency in budgeting and the business side of being an artist, evidenced by examples of working from an original concept through completion, and creating significant audience awareness and engagement with the work.

  3. A brilliant project of national caliber that is well underway and poised for significant growth, requiring that extra push. 


  • Applicants 21 years of age and up who are now and have been a full-time Resident of Ada or Canyon County for 36 consecutive months, or an Indigenous Boise Valley tribal member who may reside elsewhere.

  • Applicants may work in any artistic discipline(s), including but not limited to performing, literary, film, visual, or multimedia. 

  • Past Alexa Rose Foundation funding is a point of pride and does not impact eligibility. Past recipients wishing to apply must be in good standing, with 100% compliance and all final grant reports filed.

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