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Maite Iribarren-Gorrindo is a first-generation Basque-American and Boise resident since 2002. Her father immigrated to the United States as a sheep herder from the Basque Country, prompting a life-long connection to Basque culture, history and art.


Maite spent ten years as an Oinkari Dancer, as well as playing Basque pala in Argentina and holding a Board of Director position with Boise’s Euzkaldunak club. In 2015, she was selected as the Artistic Director of Festara, a recurring Basque arts showcase at the Morrison Center during Boise’s Jaialdi festival. 

She started Ahizpak Designs in 2005, utilizing self-taught visual arts skills and a passion for events. In 2018, she enrolled in the Art Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Boise State University, curating more formal artistic training, which in turn sharpened her skills as a designer and jewelry maker. 

In 2020, Maite was awarded funding to purchase new metalsmithing tools to expand her home studio. 

LS_CP7C8295 copy.jpg

"My involvement in the Basque community has been a journey of self-discovery in completing my cultural circle as well as a vehicle to grow my passion for the arts." 

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