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Debbra Palmer is an Idaho-born, Oregon-raised cartoonist and poet living in Boise, Idaho with her wife and two dogs. After more than 20 years working in communications for companies and organizations including Nike, Inc. and Boise State University, Palmer wanted to pursue her own projects. “I basically jumped the corporate tracks,” says Palmer. “My wife and my freedom have made it possible for me to work on my own stuff. I love what I do.” 


Her forthcoming graphic memoir, Holy Frigidaire, is based on the actual journals Palmer kept as a pre-teen and took more than two years to write and illustrate. 

In 2020 Palmer established The Bookmark Project, a collaborative art initiative dedicated to saving a place for stories of LGBTQ people with ties to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Facebook @projectbookmark


Currently, she’s working on an MFA through Pacific University’s esteemed low-residency program. 

In 2021, Debbra received an Alexa Rose grant to cover publishing and shipping expenses for 500 copies of her autobiographical graphic novel.

"I aim to address spiritual trauma in the LGBTQ community that leads to self-doubt and deep pain. I want my work to address the institutions and individuals who are responsible."

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