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Estefanía is an alumni of the Solo Flamenco Academy in Portland OR. She graduated in 2008 under the guidance of Maestra Laurena Marrone-Campos, and moved to Spain shortly afterwards to improve her skills as a vocal performer.


With Flamenco dance as her base for narrative, Estefanía makes personal stories come alive on stage while preserving history and Spanish culture. Transmitting emotion with each hand movement, facial expression and dynamic foot stamp, Estefanía guides audiences through an intimate celebration of the human experience.


She is a two-time recipient of the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship grant by Idaho Commission on the Arts (2016, 2019). She collaborated with guitarist Mark Ferguson and percussion vocalist Luis de La Tota in creating a video ‘The Language of Flamenco’ that teachers the language that passes between dancer and guitarist. She performs in Flamenco San Francisco, Seattle and Portland Flamenco communities. She currently teaches and performs in the Boise area with her group Shimi Tree.

In 2020, Estefanía was awarded an Alexa Rose grant to purchase a Flamenco "manton" (shawl) and training under Maestro Antonio El Pipa.


"I strive to forge my own path

by maintaining the traditions passed on to me by my Maestros Maria del Mar Moreno and Antonio El Pipa. By doing so, I complete a chain of generations that have cultivated an artful form of communication... thereby continuing the preservation of a world heritage art form."

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