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Dan Costello is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and prime staple of the remote but robust music scene in Boise, Idaho, USA. Growing up in rural Idaho and befriended at an early age by a radio and a baritone ukulele, his love for music led him to a classical guitar degree from Boise State University and a full-time professional music career now spanning nearly twenty years as a performer, writer/arranger, educator and simultaneous rabble-rouser/peacemaker in his local community.

Prominent roles in the local scene include: adjunct guitar professor at BSU, 2005-10; audio engineer and stage manager for Story Story Night, 2008-2012; music director at jazz-focused Chandlers steakhouse and nightclub, 2010-2015; co-host, musician and audio consultant / engineer for Frankly Burlesque, 2012-2017; venue manager and audio engineer for TreeFort Music Festival and StoryFort, 2015-present; board of Directors for the Idaho Songwriters Association, 2019-2021.

In 2021 Dan received an Alexa Rose grant to supplement the electrical and construction costs to transform his home into a performance space and artist residency.

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