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A native of Boise, Idaho, Rafferty Clark was raised by artists. He grew up toddling around his mother’s dance studio, giving (pretend) curtain speeches on the stage of BCT, and painting in his grandmother’s art studio.


He is a multidisciplinary artist and has synthesized all of his exposure to the arts into his own unique voice. He wrote and performed for four seasons with BCT’s theater lab, is an avid woodworker, and a musician playing both guitar and piano.


At Foothills School of Arts and Sciences, he has studied visual arts under Tara Kennedy exploring printmaking, painting, drafting, and sculpture, developing a special love for the creative process. In the fall of 2020, Rafferty took Introduction to Welding from local artist, Sue Latta.


When not making art, he can be found finding funny-looking vegetables and creating wool-felted costumes for them as a farmhand at Peaceful Belly Organic Farm.

In 2021 Rafferty received an Alexa Rose grant to purchase wood, metal, and resin to create a new body of work.

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