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The Foundation is pleased to be back with this transformative opportunity, a merit-based investment in the accelerated development of an artist’s creative practice—and in their capacity to join with the Foundation's named Fellows and use this platform to lift up artistic peers, too.

Creative momentum, powerful artistic voice, and a track record of engagement are the qualities the Foundation seeks to recognize and reward in the next Alexa Rose Fellow, an exemplary individual who's wielding creative mastery and making an impact.


  • Applicants must be a full-time Resident of Ada or Canyon County or an Indigenous Boise Valley tribal member who may reside elsewhere, and be 25 years or older. They may not be enrolled in a degree program, nor have assignments pending when the Fellowship begins.

  • Merit-based selection process does not take into consideration the financial capacity or financial needs of candidates.

  • Applicants may work in any artistic discipline(s), including but not limited to: performing, literary, film, visual, or multimedia. Previous and current funding from the Foundation is a point of pride and does not impact eligibility.

Thank you for your interest in the Alexa Rose Fellows program. The window for Fellowship Applications closed on November 11th, 2023. A selection will be announced in January 2024.

Get inspired by the existing Alexa Rose Fellows.


Established artists who have made significant contributions to their creative field. You're an active creator in our artistic community, with some success or progress toward sharing your work regionally, nationally and/or internationally. You demonstrate a trajectory of artistic growth, as well as a tendency to give back. Applicants will be evaluated on these criteria, among others:

  1. Powerful artistic voice, as evidenced in work samples, critical reviews, online presence and an interview.  

  2. Fluency in the business side of being an artist, evidenced by a track record of productively engaging in the creative economy.

  3. Mentorship and giving back, as evidenced by investment in the community and/or impact on behalf of artistic peers and other Boise Valley artists.

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