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Inspired by the mystery and power of the creation of music and songwriting has to inspire and move us either emotionally or physically is not quite like anything else Steve Fulton has experienced.


He declared at a very young age his intention to become a musician. The declaration stuck, as his dedication to the art form brought him to a life-long career in music.

As American singer songwriter immersed in the traditions of americana, folk, and rock genres,
Steve has created a musical recipe with funk and reggae sprinkled in for flavor.

Aspiring to always "live life in music", Steve has released twelve full-length albums, and multiple EP records so far releasing approximately 200 pieces of music. Even within this experience and time, he still feels he is just getting started and sees much more to come in his music career. Recently, Steve was signed by Emanant Music Group of Atlanta Georgia/Nashville Tennessee.

In 2022 he received an Alexa Rose grant to attend his invitation to perform at an industry showcase in Nashville in front of Music Industry Executives, Music Directors, Music Libraries.

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