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This year we honor a determined and patient cohort of 63 artists from all disciplines and experience levels from across the Treasure Valley. Totaling $137,000 in awards, selected through a comprehensive peer-review panel of fellow artists, educators, and creative professionals in the community.

It is a great honor to recognize these artists and their contribution to our communities.


Alexa Rose strives to support makers of all backgrounds reach their fullest artistic potential,

and in doing so, enrich the cultural communities of Ada and Canyon County.

A complete list of our grantees can be found below. 



**Grantees are alphabetical by first name.** 

Abby Egan  Air compressor, airbrush gun/accessories, pneumatic staple gun/accessories, paints

Angela Stewart  Ipad Pro for digital illustration/surface design

Ben Kemper  Single-person salmon celebration storytelling tour of north and central Idaho

Brenton Viertel  To complete 6 song debut record from the Goodyear Wimps on Mutant Pop Records

Brittney Gehrig  Workshops at International Stained Glass Center (Chartres, France)

Caitlin Carlberg  Coaching and Lessons in New York City


Candis Redfield-Darrah  Etching press


Christopher Truksa  Pottery wheel and clay for a new project


Daniel Klamerus  Camera capture and storage of a full-feature film


Danyale Cook  Hair and Makeup Education classes


David Le  Graduate studies at Indiana University- Jacobs School of Music


David Scott  Kiln


Dayna Smith  Living expenses to develop new play


Easton Soule  Large format photographic film for a photo study of Idaho


Emily Jones  For musicians and engineer for recording project

Evalee Campbell  Art Studio Rent

Gia Strang  Plasma cutter and an oxyacetylene torch kit and cart

Gracieux Baraka  To produce a short film

Heather Elizabeth Bee  Encaustic Paint and Oil Sticks

Heather Horner  6k camera to create films

Hillary Colton  Child care while working on novel

Hunter Simmons  Time off to create a body of work

J.R. Rivero Kinsey  For a professional book editor

Jens Kuross  Audio mixing of album

John Taye  Painting supplies for a new exhibit at the Capitol Contemporary Gallery in 2023

Julie Pegan  Printing costs for digital paintings for a solo art show

Justin John  Painting supplies for project in studio work space

Kayla Morgan  Studio rent for producing work

Kelli Brown  Attendance/instruction at the Carmen de Las Cuevas School in Granada

Ken McCall  3D printer

Kendra Borden  Tuition for Orsolina28’s summer dance program

Kevin McTeague  Construction of a baroque cello

Kim Cross  Attend Writers' Chautauqua/Workshop

Kylie Smith  Printmaking Supplies

Lakai Cahill  Refurbished Macbook Pro (2020) and monopod with feet for photography

Lanh Russell  Ink drums for print series

Leta Harris Neustaedter  Digital hosting, musical composition and editing for episodes of podcasts

Lisa Flowers Ross  4-day screen printing on fabric workshop in Nevada plus supplies and travel expenses

Lupe Galvan  Building a prep/workspace

Mary Arnold  Large professional easel to allow for painting large format canvas

Meredith Higgins  Submission fees for  poetry/chapbooks/manuscript for publication

Migel Delgado  Painting supplies for future exhibit

Misti Millward  Two professional-grade lenses for a photography project

Mungo Ligoya  Surger

Naomi Spinelli  Weekly voice lessons with Andrea DelGiudice for 6 months

Nathan Veibell  Artist Tablet for digital and broadcast art

Nicole Molumby  Musicians and sound engineers to record a CD project

Oluwadamilola Tehingbola  Photography Equipment

Patricia Marcantonio  Workshop performance of new original play

Randy Van Dyck  Liegh Yawkey Woodson Birds in Art show and conference

Reham A Aarti  Specialized picassiette mosaic intensive workshop in Brazil

Ruth Piispanen  Attend  printing workshop at Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck Michigan

Ruth Salter  Travel to Sahagun, Spain to conduct research for a book combining memoir and historical research

Ryan Flowers  New equipment

Samuel Parry  Tools

Sara Stejskal  Recording Session and Audition Tour

Scout Leary  Wireless body art Tattoo system and professional inks

Sean Dahlman  Lens for photographic project

Steve Fulton  Perform at Music Showcase in Nashville, TN

Sue Schaper  Printing and framing of photographs for solo show in fall 2022 in the Rosenthal Gallery

Travis Ward  Audio equipment for recording new work, podcasts, soundtracks, and live performances

Weston McGhee  Photographic Film scanning equipment

Zoe Eyraud-Mendez  Video Equipment for a new body of work

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