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This year we are thrilled to be investing in 105 artists from all disciplines from across the Treasure Valley. Awards ranged from $500-$5,000, and supported everything from studio rent to time off, new cameras, laptops, travel and educational opportunities. 


A complete list of our grantees can be found below. 



**Grantees are alphabetical by first name.** 

Alan Heathcock: Website development and professional expenses for promotion of a new novel. 


Alexis Chambers: iPad pro and Apple Pencil for digital illustration. 


Alison Ward: Recording equipment and travel to create audio and visual representations of rarely heard, naturally occurring, soundscapes.


Allison Corona: Purchase of a new Nikon camera with video capabilities. 


Allison Fowle: Travel expenses to Yellow Pine, ID for research for an upcoming essay documenting the impact of mining on the Salmon River. 


Amanda Huynh: Filmmaking equipment to expand practice as a director and editor. 


Ameerah Bader: Computer to create digital and interactive work.


Amy Giles: Artist submission fees. 


Amy Granger: Purchase of a new quilting frame.


Amy Johnson: Purchase of a glass kiln.


Andi Rados: Funds to pay crew for a feature film.


Andrea Sparrow: Post-production funds to complete a feature length documentary.


Andrew Nemr: Travel for a self-guided writing retreat to complete a book on tap dancing method.


Anna Dunford: Recording equipment to create an acoustic and electronic percussion concept album.


Ashley Young: Woodworking tools to work with cedar. 


Becka Watkins: Manual leather cutting and embossing machines to streamline artistic process. 


Beth Suter: Collaboration with a graphic designer to complete a children's book.


Betty Mallorca: Funds to launch an art-centric podcast.


Brian Telestai: Musical theater writing course.


Brie Schettle: Digital microscope to create ecologically-focused photographs and prints of the Boise River Greenbelt.


Brigette Nelson: Double sided, free standing glass lathe and grinding, engraving and polishing tools.


Brynne Clayton: Purchase of a new kiln.


Caitlin Harris: Support for the purchase of a Vandercook 219 press to improve Wheelhouse Press’ capabilities and benefit community printing projects.


Cate Brigden: Wacom Cintiq 22 digital drawing screen.


Christina Gilmore: Paragon SC3 Kiln and rolling mill to further craft as a metalworker.


Claire Remsberg: One year of artistic mentorship with Boise artist JanyRae Seda. 


Clyde Moneyhun: Travel to Barcelona to for poetry research and book promotion.


Cody Gittings: Post-production funds to complete a documentary short exploring isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cody Rutty: Graphics Card for Animation and Video.


Cuream Jackson: Funds to become a certified trainer in circus arts from the Ècole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.


Dan Costello: Electrical and construction costs to transform home into a performance space and artist residency. 


Daniel Ronesse: New laptop for recording, performing, and videography related to personal drumming pursuits. 


Danielle Hurd: Design and installation of a mural to celebrate the historic Chinese Gardens in The Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District.


Darwin Fan: New laptop for photography editing and workflow.


David Ford: Purchase of a new laptop. 


Debbra Palmer: Publishing and shipping expenses to produce 500 copies of an autobiographical graphic novel to distrubute among LGBTQ advocacy groups. 


Elliot Norton: Accessories for a BlackMagic camera.


Fiona Wilhelm: Sound mixing course.


Francis Fox: Travel to “Sculpture X” Digital Sculpting Workshop and Residency at William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.


Genevieve Emerson: Six months of studio rent.


Hallie Maxwell: Papermaking supplies to recycle paper cranes from community installation.


Hannah Meyer: Solo performance class.


Jacqui Teruya: Travel expenses to conduct site specific research for a novel-in-progress documenting Japanese American farming communities.


Jake Saunders: Audio and video recording equipment to expand practice as a musician.


Janet Lo: Funds to pay for the services of a dramaturg to workshop an original stage play.


Jason McAdam: Purchase of a Sony 135 f/1.8 lens for use in portrait work.


Jeremiah O’Mahony: Nikon D750 Full Frame Camera with lenses.


Jessi Biagioni: Multipurpose camera for video and photographing work.


Jessica Harned: Recording equipment to upgrade production of "Classical Queens" podcast.


Jessica Tornga: Purchase of an in-home screen printing press.


Jessie Nilo: Replacement parts and supplies to repair a 1947 Kelsey Letterpress.

Jessie Swimeley: Purchase of a high-res photo printer to create contact negatives for alternative process photography.


Joan Thomas: Supplies for 10 oil paintings illustrating a children's book, with digital imaging of the series.

Jocelyne Contreras: iPad pro and Apple Pencil for digital illustration. 


Joey Ohls: Funds to pay principle cast and crew for narrative pilot.


Joy Haynes: Funds to produce new V.O. demo reels and expand body of work as a voiceover actor.


Juan Serrano-Aguirre: Purchase of a new kiln and pug mill.


Katherine Shaughnessy: Purchase of two digital frames to showcase videography art.


Katie Preston: Editing expenses to complete a web series.


Kirsten Furlong: Funds to support the creation of new work and solo exhibition of that work at Pendleton Center for the Arts.


Kyla Davidson: iPad pro to streamline musical practice from home.


Larry McNeil: Digital printer. 


Leigh Anne Squires: Travel and registration fees for a Mystery Writers Conference.


Leland Stewart: 3D printer and sculpture stand to produce anatomical models for advanced sculpting armatures.


Lillian Jenner: Purchase of a new laptop for writing. 


Lisa Pisano: Metal casting equipment.


Lisa Roggenbuck: Artist submission fees. 


Lori Edmo-Suppah: New laptop and camera for work as a reporter and photographer. 


Luma Jasim: New desktop for film and graphic design. 


Mady Thornquest: Three months of costs to support dance training and professional development in New York City.


Marianna Edwards: New DSLR camera, lens, memory card, flash unit, and remote for photo references and documenting artwork/studio practice.

Marne Elmore: Renovation to transform a home garage into a functioning studio space and artist residency.


Mary Pauline Lowry: Funds to pay a developmental editor for a novel-in-progress.

Michael Martello: Funds to produce a body of photographic work exploring vulnerability, affection, and intimacy, in male relationships.


Michelle Bliss: Installation costs for large-scale photo series.


Mike Chambers: One-on-one coaching for art sales and marketing.


Mykelle Walton: Travel and lodging to attend a private hair hanging intensive in Madrid Spain.


Natanya Biskar: Research trip to California for an upcoming novel.


Nicole Cullen: Six months of part-time child care for time and space to write.


Nikki Russo: Six months of studio rent at the Gem Center for the Arts.


Noble Hardesty: Funds to produce 5,000 custom-printed coasters to serve as a substrate for small, daily paintings.


Nolan Turner: Two months off to work on completing a new novel.


Odessa Kaufman: iPad pro and Apple Pencil to support female owned & operated mural/graphic design startup.


Pattie McKellip-Fowler: Clemes and Clemes Electric Drum Carder to process wool.


Penelope Wilson: Drawing tablet plus printing expenses to create 250 copies of a graphic novel.


Rachel Becker: Purchase of an oboe d'amore for performing as soloist and in ensembles.


Rachel Teannalach: Travel expenses to tour a new body of work. 


Rafferty Clark: Wood, metal, and resin to create a new body of work.


Sara Bruner: Adobe Illustrator and a digital art tablet to streamline work as a theater director.


Sasha Barrett: Funds to help travel and make work for a duo exhibition at In Tandem Gallery in North Carolina.


Savannah Culp: Dye Sublimation printer to create custom fabrics.


Sean McNearney: Funds to purchase specialized straps for wireless microphones placed on actors and performers.


Shaylie Woodhouse: Studio rent.


Shriram Sivaramakrishnan: Three months of rent to continue residing in Boise during the Summer of 2021.


Sonya Feibert: Improv coaching.


Stuart Holland: Travel to La Wayaka Artist Residency in Chile.


Susan Rowe: Time off to work on completing a memoir.


Tai Simpson: Paid time off to grow practice as a storyteller and community builder.


Trevor Dougal: Travel and registration for a Ballroom choreography and technique training camp.


Tyler Brewington: Research trip to Moscow, ID for a writing project.


Will von Tagen: Post-production funds for a reality TV pilot.


William Lewis: Stretchers for large scale paintings and framing for works on paper.


Zach Buie: German rotary valve C trumpet for orchestral, chamber, and solo performance.


Zach Herbert: One month of paid time off to create a 10-15 minute musical piece about grief.

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