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The Alexa Rose Foundation is proud to announce its 2020 grantees. This year we celebrate a cohort of 96 artists from all disciplines from across the Treasure Valley, totaling $224,000 in awards. As the single largest provider of funds for individual artists' creative practice in the state of Idaho, it is a great honor to recognize these artists and their contribution to our communities. 


In these uncertain times, we recognize the collaborative, healing and unifying nature of the arts. Due to COVID-19, some artists have requested a one-year extension in order to accommodate international travel and/or educational opportunities. We are prioritizing artist safety above all else, and concessions have been made for those who opted to reallocate or defer their funding due to health concerns.  


A complete list of our grantees can be found below. 



**Grantees are alphabetical by last name.** 


Erica Alfaro:

Travel expenses to attend a Immersion Live, a Surface Pattern Design Conference.


Miguel Almeida:

Purchase of a screen printing press.


Sydney Anderson:

Tools, supplies and machinery to kickstart metalsmithing business.


Tony Anderson:

Support for photo essay series chronicling midwestern America.


J. Reuben Appelman:

Film production funds to execute trailer and look book for narrative adaptation of true crime novel, THE KILL JAR.


Maria Ayla:

Supplies and sewing machinery to accelerate the development of “Conchious Threads”, an upcycled clothing project.


Julia Ballenger:

Studio rent to ease financial burden amid medical expenses and support ongoing ceramics production in Garden City. 


Gracieux Baraka:

Purchase of a new camera, lenses and lighting equipment to advance craft as a photographer and experimental filmmaker.

John Barrie:

Time off to finish novel. 


Randy Bauer:

Recording equipment to improve audition samples and create high-quality audio recordings for music students. 

Rachel Beck:

Purchase of a full size violin, bow and case.


Di Bei:

Publishing and translation fees for two novels. 

Josh Bogle:

Travel & lodging for Colorado Gypsy Jazz Camp.


Daniel Borup:

Laptop and software to render high-quality digital mock-ups of sculpture work for advancing his career in public art. 


Kimberly Brandel:

One-month artist residency at Constellation Studios in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Megan Brandel:

Participation in Jacob’s Pillow Curriculum in Motion® Institute to hone business and choreography skills as the creative director for Opens Arms Dance Project.


Suzanne Lee Chetwood:

Attending builders workshop at Pilchuck Glass School.


Matthew Cameron Clark:

Film production funds for DUST, a short film.


Cami Ruh Clemo:

Supplies and participation in online coursework to better craft as a jewelry maker.


Michael Cordell:

Purchase of new metalworking equipment to create durable pieces for public and outdoor art.


Cydney Covert:

Participation in SHARE Dance Intensive in Paris.


Erin Cunningham:

Creation of a new body of sculptural works.


Migel Delgado:

Supplies and time off to create six new pieces of work in ongoing series reflecting on physical belonging and homeland.  


Niharika Dinkar:

Travel to London to conduct archival research for an art history book.


Peter Dumas:

Airfare, housing and tuition to attend Music Crossroads Academy in Zimbabwe.

Lauren Edson:

Camera, lenses and editing software to enhance production of dance films.


April Frame:

120 hours of child care to solo-edit VIRGIN: a feature length documentary about Drag Queen culture in Idaho.


Katie Fuller:

Submission Fees for Book Contests and Journals.


J. Lupe Galvan:

Canvases, paint and workbench to create a series of 10-20 paintings.


Chaz Gentry:

Film production funds to pay crew for an animatronic, puppet based short film.


Joyce Green:

Participation in a watercolor retreat to explore bristlecone pine forms.


Charles Haman:

Shapeoko desktop CNC machine and associated equipment to expand and explore personal sculptural process.


Kelly Harwood:

Professional editing services and sabbatical for final manuscript revision. 


Brian Hodges:

Purchase of a Baroque 5-string Cello.


Savannah Hulen:

Accessibility equipment to continue writing after chronic illness diagnosis.

GiGi Huntley:

Studio air purifier and supplies to create a new body of work. 

Maite Iribarren-Gorrindo:

Metalworking equipment to expand home studio post-graduation. 


Hayden Jensen:

Purchase of an iPad and Apple Pencil to enhance digital artwork.


Jaimee Johnston:

Desk and supplies to create functional home studio. 


Kendra Kae:

At-home recording equipment and one-on-one mentorship with vocal coaches to build Opera portfolio and prepare for auditions. 


Brie Katz:

Funds to curate "PROJECT EXPOSED", a photography series cataloging the experiences of breast cancer survivors through images and interviews. 


Ben Konkol:

New laptop for illustration work.


Heidi Kraay:

Travel expenses, housing and time off to take a new play to London's RADA Festival.


Lauren Lavelle:

Time off to write.


Nina Leary:

Participation in an intensive painting workshop and the purchase of an easel, chair, work lamp and supply cart.


Lila Martina Lee:

Travel to photograph a series of site-specific textile projects paying homage to the female victims of the Great Basin Murders.


Susan Madacsi:  

Equipment to enhance glasswork in multimedia projects. 

Kris Mannion:

Slip mixer and supporting utility stand to continue work as a ceramicist.

Patricia Marcantonio:

Rehearsal and staging expenses for an original play to be preformed at the Hispanic Cultural Center.


Rachael Mayer:

Floor loom and weaving accessories.


John Mayton:

Festool Domino and accessory kit for woodworking.


Wyatt McCollum:

iPad and Apple Pencil to improve graphic design work. 


Michael McCormic, Jr.:

Production funds for first studio album with alternative rock band, “The Governors”.


Weston McGhee:

Variety of color medium format film.


Kevin McTeague:

Collaboration with the Boise Baroque Orchestra to accompany debut performance of a CPE Bach Cello Concerto.


Aurora Mehlman:

Travel expenses to Maine and New Hampshire for site-specific research for first novel.


Melanie Mendenhall:

Time off for writing. 


Katie Miller:

Ceramics workshop at the Archie Bray Foundation.


Will Miller:

Photography lighting kit and backdrop to catalogue handmade clothes.


Bryan Moore:

Time-off to complete a series of paintings. 


Kyle Morck:

Blackmagic camera for film production.


Daniel Ojeda:

Production expenses for a feature length dance film titled, "A Great, Unbridgeable Distance". 


Holly Papa:

Cintiq Pro 24" touch & coordinating stand to improve digital illustration.


Sarah Paradis:

One-on-one mentorship to strengthen academic and performance skills as a Trombonist.  


Brett Perry:

Compensation for dancers and choreographer to rehearse and perform "A History of American Modern Dance".


Jef Peterson:

New computer to write a play commissioned by Columbia Basin College.


Kate Peterson:

Trip to the Himalayas and create a collection of original paintings to benefit red panda conservation.


Collin Pfeifer:

New camera to take original photos as inspiration for mural work.


Emily Pittinos:

Laptop to complete the book-length poem, "Orphan, Lissome in the Dust Storm".


Rachel Reichert:

Travel to the Wildacres Residency program in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.


Gordon Reinhart:

Commission of original music for a one-man theatrical adaptation of A Christmas Carol.


Jodeen Revere:

Travel and submission fees to take a one-woman show (THE PERSISTENT GUEST) to the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


Amanda Rich:

Purchase of a Loop Pedal and Supporting Sound Equipment to enhance spoken word poetry and musical career.


Cecilia Rinn:

Hearing aids for dancer to overcome congenital hearing loss.


Elizabeth Rodgers:

Commission of sample panels for graphic novel “EXODUS, 1947”, inspired by a documentary of the same name.


Jonathan Sadler:

Black and white film to photograph early 1900s cabins on Echo Lake.  


Ruth Saltzer:

Travel to Todos Santos, Mexico to attend a writing retreat. 


Estefania Sanchez:

Purchase of a manton (shawl) and training under Maestro Antonio El Pipa to advance career as a Flamenco dancer.


Jessica Scheider:

Immersive darkness retreat. 


Taryn Schwilling:

Single course release from teaching to allow time-off to complete writing her second book.


Isabelle Shifrin:

Laptop to complete novel.


Angie Smith:

Post-production funds for feature-length documentary "TECLE".


Chelsea Smith:

Production expenses to shoot a short, narrative film titled, “BAD NEWS”.


Anne Watson Sorensen:

Display panels to showcase artwork in professional settings.


Gia Strang:

MIG welder and metal chop saw for home studio.


Dominique Tardif:

Travel & lodging for Colorado Gypsy Jazz Camp.


Zach Thurmond:

Portable printing press.


Elena Tomorowitz:

Travel to Montana for research to complete poetry manuscript.


Hailey Turner:

Flameworking torch and foot pedal for glasswork.


Wytske van Keulen:

Printing costs for photography book 'Stick Holding Branch'.


Nathan Walker:

Production costs to track, mix, and master new album.


Rebecca Weeks:

Time off to scan personal journals and review previous work as a poet.


Jeanna Wigger:

Travel to the UK and Iceland to participate in a historic textile tour for the purpose of creating a sustainable clothing care and repair workbook.


Stephanie Wilde:

Framing and shipping for large paintings for a solo exhibition in New York.


Megan Williams:

Time off to extend poetry chapbook into a full-length manuscript.


CL Young:

Artist residency at The Atlanta School.

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