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December 22nd - January 21st, 2024

Light of Day, a new Creative Development Award of $10,000 for artistic projects completed and brought to a national audience. Selections announced in February.

March 1st - April 1st, 2024   NEW!

Show and Tell: the Alexa Rose Residency at The Common Well for studio artists, writers, photographers and filmmakers poised to create, show and present mindblowing work to the public. Transformative experience includes a culminating Exhibition and Reception, as well as an Artist Talk or Workshop hosted by The Common Well. Enjoy a secure 24/7 workspace for focused artmaking and receive customized professional mentorship, artistic critique, and coaching on presentation and business strategy. Includes high-visibility promotion to create exposure and momentum, and ends with next steps to sustain your artistic career. Candidates receive a cash stipend and join a multi-disciplinary cohort for a 6-Month Residency May - October 2024 or November - April 2025. An immersive experience; be prepared to bring the full measure of your creative energy and be "all in." Selections announced in April.

Join us for an Informative Tour Session at The Common Well:

Alexa Rose Foundation staff and The Common Well will be holding a one-day-only Informative Tour Session for curious-minded artists of all disciplines considering applying for this residency. Explore this unique opportunity and discover how the Alexa Rose Foundation and The Common Well can support your artistic journey.

Date: Friday, March 15th, 2024
Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Location: 110 W. 31st Street, Garden City, ID 83714


Artist Grant Cycle: UNVEILING 2025

The Alexa Rose Foundation is stepping up its game and seeks to be a leader in responsive, innovative giving strategies and methods to uplift the artistic community. After 10 years of impact, our original Artist Grants program is under review while program data and feedback are compiled with an eye toward better serving artists across the Valley. If you possess first-hand knowledge and insights, please share your feedback. Thank you!

Fall 2024

2025 Alexa Rose Fellowship, a highly competitive Artistic Merit Award of $25,000 for established artists. One-year Fellowship begins in January 2025.

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